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Overcoming Burnout in Addiction Recovery

When you make the courageous decision to enter rehab and overcome your addiction, you’re beginning a lifelong journey of dedication and commitment. Not unlike many other journeys encountered throughout life, the path to recovery is not simple, nor can it be rushed. Unfortunately, the increased stress levels that accompany the process of recovery can result in something known as burnout.

Severe burnout, or the point where you begin to feel completely tired and overwhelmed by your present workload, can lead to relapse. If you are recovering from an addiction and are looking for how you can avoid burnout in addiction recovery, we encourage you to keep reading. In the event that you feel you are on the verge of burnout, we highly recommend that you reach out to Phoenix House Florida regarding alcohol rehab in Tampa as soon as possible.

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What Is Burnout?

Burnout, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a syndrome resulting from chronic stress that has not been appropriately managed. Typically related to the working environment, a recent Gallup report found that approximately two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout. However, burnout isn’t limited to the constraints of the work environment.

Burnout can occur anywhere you begin to feel overwhelmed, feel as if you have too much on your plate, or fall short of your expectations of goals. This is especially common as people recovering from addiction feel an increasing pressure to tackle everything at once, like finding a new job, repairing relationships, and building a new life without substances. You may feel drained, incredibly tired, unable to cope with tasks, and unwilling to find the motivation to continue through recovery. This reluctance, combined with physical symptoms of headaches, trouble sleeping, and stomach aches, may cause you to relapse.

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Tips for Dealing with Burnout While Staying Sober

As with anything related to addiction recovery, the best way to properly deal with and overcome burnout will vary from person to person, depending on their personal triggers. Generally speaking, the most important recommended action you can take after noticing the signs of burnout is to reach out to someone you trust, like a medical professional that specializes in alcohol abuse treatment in Tampa. Acknowledging how you feel and reaching out for help is going to be one of the most beneficial things you can do to take a step back and relieve yourself of your responsibilities.

Other tips to avoid burnout in addiction recovery may include switching up which recovery meetings you go to, checking out new online resources, or just cutting back on the level of commitments you have. So long as whatever commitment you are removing is not intended to keep you sober, it may be beneficial in terms of reducing your stress levels. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that burnout doesn’t mean that your journey to recovery is over. It can affect any individual at any time and only means that you are human. Never be afraid to reach out to a member of our team here at Phoenix House Florida regarding burnout in addiction recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, speak with a specialist regarding alcohol rehab in Tampa. To schedule a consultation with Phoenix House Florida, please request an appointment today.

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