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How to Help Your Teen Build a Supportive Network for Substance Use Recovery

The journey of substance use recovery is a period of drastic life changes for your teen and can be quite complex in many different aspects. This period brings about the need to build a supportive network of people. These support networks are crucial in your teen’s Tampa addiction treatment recovery journey to help hold them accountable, as well as inspire and help them navigate their new, healthy lifestyle. There are many ways for your teen to feel supported on their path of recovery, and you can offer your care in bolstering their support network.

Encourage Participation in Support Groups

While Phoenix House Florida is not directly affiliated with support groups and programs such as AA and NA, they are highly encouraged as helpful, complementary elements in Phoenix House Florida’s Tampa substance abuse treatment programs. Additionally, Phoenix House Florida offers AA and NA literature and will often include participation in the applicable program as part of a patient’s aftercare plan as your teen’s recovery team sees fit.

Support groups such as AA and NA are a great way for your teen to be surrounded by others who are on their road to recovery and often serve as an inspiration for your teen to continue making an effort on their journey to a drug-free future.


Connect Them With Mental Health Specialist

Connecting your teen with a mental health specialist, such as a psychiatrist or therapist, will allow them to gain access to the tools that they can practice not only through their recovery journey but to live a healthier, more positive life. Phoenix House Florida strongly believes in the importance of holistic healing, where mental health plays just as much of an essential part in the recovery process. The clinicians and psychologists at Phoenix House Florida will serve as a direct support system for your teen, helping their recovery process by providing them with applicable tools and skills necessary in addressing their relationship with substances or alcohol and taking the steps to reach their highest potential.

In accordance with our practices, both our Tampa substance abuse rehab inpatient and outpatient treatment programs include comprehensive medical support and treatment from our highly-qualified licensed clinicians and staff psychologists. This co-occurring, personalized treatment method allows for a more effective approach toward building the foundation for a strong, fulfilling life after alcohol and substance abuse; patients will learn how to handle negative emotions more beneficially and be equipped with the skills to be proactive in addressing and supporting their own mental health needs. 

Encourage Participation in Healthy, Positive Group Activities

Encouraging your teen to participate in group activities will allow them to build a group of friends while filling their time with an activity that is more beneficial and positive during their recovery journey. Group activities allow people of all ages to connect and bond over a shared goal or interest. 

Yoga classes, walking clubs, and swimming teams can serve as accessible, great ways for your teen to find support in their peers while working towards the same goal and instilling better habits during your teen’s Tampa substance abuse treatment

Showing Your Support For Your Teen

With over 25 years of changing lives, Phoenix House Florida recognizes the importance and benefits of having a support network during the recovery process. You can bolster your teen’s Tampa substance abuse rehab by helping them build a support network during their journey of recovery. 

If your teen is wanting to begin their Tampa addiction treatment, with the highest-quality medical care, Phoenix House Florida is ready to help them begin. To schedule a treatment consultation with Phoenix House Florida, please give us a call at (813) 957-9639 or request an appointment today.


Disclaimer: The contents of this website are for general educational purposes only. All content and media on the Phoenix House Florida website do not constitute professional medical advice nor is the information intended to replace the services provided by Phoenix House Florida or other qualified medical professionals. If you believe you are having a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

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