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Tips for Coping with Isolation Due to COVID Diagnosis without Turning to Alcohol

When you’re dealing with a possible COVID-19 diagnosis, or isolation due to COVID-19 exposure, you might experience heightened stress, anxiety, or depression. For many people, this stress can lead to increased alcohol consumption. In fact, according to a recent study from PMC Labs published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, people who experienced COVID-19-related stress (versus not) reported consuming more drinks and spent a greater number of days drinking. Unfortunately, studies also show that increased alcohol consumption can actually weaken your immune system, making it more important now than ever to seek sobriety in the face of stressful isolation due to COVID-19.

To help you cope with isolation and COVID-related stress without turning to alcohol, our Tampa alcohol rehab team with Phoenix House Florida has a few tips and tactics for continued sobriety.

Tip 1: Take a Media Break

When you’re under isolation conditions, whether it is because you tested positive for COVID, have a family member who tested positive, or were exposed and are awaiting test results, you may be tempted to be glued to news articles and symptom checkers online. This can cause increased stress levels, and can do more harm than good.

In order to keep yourself from becoming overly anxious about the virus during isolation, take a break from media outlets. This isn’t to say you should “stick your head in the sand” so to speak, but when you are isolated it can be nerve-wracking to view the world through the lens of the bad news that seems to permeate our day-to-day lives. Taking a break can help you unwind and reconnect with yourself and your family without turning to alcohol.

Tip 2: Do Not Emotionally or Socially Isolate During Physical Isolation

Something that many of us run into during physical isolation is the feeling of being socially and emotionally isolated as well. Although a social media detox can be helpful in reducing your anxiety about the pandemic, Facebook and other platforms can also give you a means of remaining connected to others. Whether through social media or not, reach out to your family and friends on the phone, video chat with loved ones, and give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with them about how you are feeling and what you need. You might find that people want to help, and although they might not be able to physically help, they can offer much-needed emotional support. 

Tip 3: Get Help If You Need It

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself remain in recovery and free of alcohol is to get help if you need it from our support team with drug and alcohol treatment centers in Tampa at Phoenix House Florida. We offer telehealth appointments and are here to help even if you are currently under orders for isolation due to COVID-19.

Our licensed therapists will help you understand the triggers you may be facing that lead to alcohol use and will help you on your path to recovery. Whether you are navigating addiction for the first time or are looking for help after a relapse, we’re here for you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, speak with drug and alcohol treatment centers in Tampa. To schedule a consultation with Phoenix House Florida, please request an appointment today.

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