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Tips For Combatting Stressors And Triggers While In Recovery

Stress is something that affects everyone in some way or another, but the added pressure of navigating substance use recovery on top of that adds another layer of complexity. Those who have never dealt with substance use may not recognize all of the extra obstacles and temptations that exist when someone is stressed. That’s why, if you struggle with substance use, it’s incredibly important for you to be aware of your particular stressors, and have a plan in place for how to cope with them successfully.

Phoenix House Florida, a drug addiction recovery center in Tampa, is here to help. Read on to learn more about common stressors and triggers that tend to crop up, and some of our best tips for dealing with them while remaining sober.

The 3 Most Common Stressors We Face

For most people stress is a part of everyday life and everyone has their own sort of coping mechanism. Even happy times can come with their own unique stressors that will test you and test your sobriety. This is why knowing possible stressors you might face is especially helpful. Three commons stressors people face everyday include: 

  1. Loneliness. Not everyone is lucky enough to have family nearby, or even people that they can call their friends. Whether you live far away from family, or loved ones have passed, sometimes you can find yourself isolated from everyone. For many, loneliness becomes a trigger for a relapse. 
  2. Family Conflict. With family around, some could face the opposite problem. Reuniting with family, sharing close spaces and more time than you’re used to can often lead to conflict. Old fights are reignited, or new conflicts break out. This is one case where too much of a good thing is not good. It’s recommended to be aware if a certain family member easily gets under your skin, or if there is a particular situation that you should try to avoid altogether.
  3. Money Stress. Finances are one of the most common stressors people have. For those who are triggered by money worries and/or strain, unexpected expenses occasionally crop up and cause problems. Even expected expenses, such as groceries or rent, can pile up, and cause strain in daily life.

Tips For Dealing With These Stressors

The good news is that there are a variety of coping mechanisms and ways to handle stressors  available to you. The first thing you can do is limit your exposure to your specific stressors. If it’s certain family members, be aware of them and limit your time. If it’s loneliness, have a plan ready; try to reach out to someone on video chat, or plan to go in person to volunteer at a local charity. If money is tight, brainstorm outings and activities that are free. 

Secondly, keep up with routines and self care that help you stay on track. It can be easy to let routines slip when one is stressed, but taking care of yourself should always be your first priority. 

Lastly, connect with others going through recovery. Reaching out to talk through your issues with someone who understands is an incredible benefit. Also in reaching out you might not just be helping yourself, but the person as well. 

If at any point the pressure becomes too much and you find yourself wanting to use again, remember that Phoenix House Florida, an opioid addiction treatment center in Tampa is here to help. You can always speak to your counselor when you need support to maintain sobriety.

If you are dealing with stress and find yourself turning to substance use to cope, now is the perfect time to start your recovery journey. Phoenix House Florida provides both residential and outpatient treatment services for adults and outpatient services for adolescents in the Tampa area. 

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