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The Importance of Community in Teen Substance Use Recovery

According to the National Library of Medicine, access to substance abuse recovery support in the form of a community can help those with a history of substance use find long-term wellness and success within recovery. 

There is no exception when it comes to teen substance use recovery. 

While the path to recovery for teens may look different than that of an adult seeking treatment, the element and need for support is no different. 

At Phoenix House Florida, we provide substance abuse rehab in Tampa to all who are in need. Our treatment experts have put together the top reasons why community support for teen substance use recovery is necessary.

Accountability and Motivation

Surrounding oneself with peers going through the same situation creates empowerment and the ability to push through difficult times more easily. In fact, a study done in 2008 by the National Library of Medicine found evidence to support that a peer-supported community had a significant impact on recovery from substance use. Being part of a community as a teen on a recovery journey provides support while allowing the individual to rediscover themselves. 

Community also provides an outlet to share feelings, celebrate wins, and ask for help when the recovery process may otherwise feel unmanageable. While someone recovering from substance use has to have internal motivation to take the first steps, being held accountable by external factors helps maintain success through recovery.

Guidance From Like-Minded Individuals

Surrounding oneself with not only a support group but also a group going through a similar journey takes lessons from those shared experiences at all different stages. This creates a positive, encouraging, educational environment for someone going through treatment. 

If this group is also recovering from addiction, the activities and meetings can serve as safe spaces where it is guaranteed that no substances will be found. In this environment, everyone is on the same page about their relationship with substances. 

Especially with teens, where so many peer activities involve “going out” or “partying,” it can be challenging to feel connected to peers when someone recovering has different motivations and goals. A community can help to normalize those goals and build confidence and trust during recovery.

Internal and External Support

The road to recovery can be an isolating one, and healing is not linear. Internal motivation is the driving factor to recover and stay sober; however, a community acts as external support to continue driving those at any stage of their treatment to continue. With substance abuse recovery in Tampa at Phoenix House Florida, we emphasize both internal and external support during and after treatment. 

As a teen entering into a support system, they can find additional support from the start of their treatment. The ultimate goal would be to continue their successful recovery and stay within this community. 

When they are older and a new teen comes in, they can provide their perspective and story to motivate another’s journey toward rehabilitation. The cycle of healing and support is now more likely to continue.

Healing Through Routine at Phoenix House Florida

Finally, the road to recovery can be uncertain at times. One who is recovering now has more time to reflect, and while this will ultimately help in their journey, it can lead to worry over how to navigate this next chapter of life. 

Being part of a community focused on support opens the door to activities and routines that provide comfort for those navigating a sober life. This routine is indicative of moving forward to live a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to take the next step in your recovery journey with substance abuse rehab in Tampa?

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, join a community of people committed to your recovery. Contact Phoenix House Florida for substance abuse recovery in Tampa today.


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