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Stories of Recovery: 5 Famous People Who Fought Substance Use and Won

Substance use can impact anyone, from your neighbor down the street to celebrities in Hollywood. It can be easy to forget that every person is going through their own unique journey, and sometimes, unbeknownst to others, this journey may be one to recovery.

Keeping in perspective that anyone can go through alcohol abuse treatment in Tampa and substance use rehab in Tampa and come out victorious helps motivate and inspire many who may have also started that journey. 

Professionals at Phoenix House Florida have compiled a list of famous people who have fought substance use and won! Keep reading to learn more about these inspiring stories, and remember, no matter your journey, you are never alone. 

Robert Downey, Jr.

Best known for his roles as Iron Man in the Marvel Universe, Robert Downey, Jr. used drugs and alcohol as a teenager and young adult until 2002. He served time and went through the public spotlight as he had many high-profile arrests in the late ’90s and early 2000s. 

Through the support of his wife, he became clean when it was apparent the harm he was doing to their relationship. To this day, Downey, Jr. is clean and reports a combination of 12-step programs, yoga, and therapy as reasons he has remained sober. 

Downey, Jr.’s story shows a strong support system and healthy habits in and out of substance abuse rehab.

Elton John

Perhaps one of the most famous musicians of our time, Elton John, battled with alcohol and drug use until the start of the 1990s. One of his good friends, Ryan White, died around the same time, making John look closely at how he was spending his time. 

This led to John seeking alcohol abuse treatment and substance abuse rehabilitation for his addiction in 1990. He cites how drug and alcohol use made him “irresponsible and self-obsessed.”

As of 2019, he is 29 years sober and openly praises the help he got almost 30 years ago to fix his once broken self. John sought the help his body told him he needed and has been able to continue his life as a healthy, whole person ever since. 

Drew Barrymore

One of the youngest substance and alcohol users on this list, Drew Barrymore shocked the world when she announced at 13 that she was going to rehab. She comes from a family with a famously troubled history and says her access to substances was a catalyst for her use. 

It wasn’t until many attempts to successfully go through rehab and be freed from her mother that she was successful in living a clean life. While Barrymore’s biggest struggle from an early age was drug use, as of 2021, she has revealed that she has also given up drinking, being sober from alcohol for the last two years. 

Barrymore’s story is one of struggle from a young age and pressure from caregivers that made it difficult to find the right path. Thankfully, Barrymore’s perseverance successfully allowed her to overcome those early years, and she now enjoys success as an actress, producer, and TV show host.

Daniel Radcliffe

Rising to stardom quickly and at a young age caused an onset of personal problems for Daniel Radcliffe. In the filming of the last few Harry Potter movies, Radcliffe could see where drinking impacted his acting, and this realization was a massive cause for him quitting.  

He is currently very open about his sobriety and how giving up drinking allowed him to reconnect with hobbies he loved, build deeper connections with those he cares about, and hold a much more positive outlook on life. 

Radcliffe’s story is that of personal motivation and continued dedication to choosing what is best for the life he lives. His actively positive outlook and acceptance of his relationship with alcohol continue pushing him to stay sober.

Eric Clapton

Rock and roll legend Eric Clapton struggled with substance use throughout the ’70s. Living through the drug culture of the rock time, it wasn’t until 1987 that Clapton found success in substance abuse rehab

Having suffered high personal relationship stress, it took the birth of his son in 1986 to realize he had a problem that needed to be addressed. Tragedy followed with the death of his son about four years later, but the progress Clapton made helped him stay strong and he was able to continue in his sobriety.

He found passions and hobbies that kept him mindful of his goals, and to this day, he has channeled his commitment to sobriety by starting Crossroads Center for alcohol and drug treatment in Antigua.

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