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5 Reasons to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in Tampa

Alcohol use disorder is a debilitating condition that affects 15 millions adults and over 600,000 teens in the United States. Struggling to control their addiction, sufferers sacrifice their mental and physical health as they attempt to stop their lives from spinning out of control. Watching someone go through this ordeal is painful in its own right. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, know that you are truly not alone and your situation is not without remedy. 

At the Phoenix House Florida’s Brandon Outpatient Center, our team is available to provide alcohol abuse treatment in Tampa. From treatment and beyond, we are here for patients on their path to recovery. For a safe, secure setting that can provide for you and your family’s needs, turn to Phoenix House Florida and the Brandon Outpatient Center. 

Services Provided at Our Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center in Tampa 

The Brandon Outpatient Center has been serving the Tampa Bay community since 2012 with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our core services are designed to empower patients who wish to end their addiction and rebuild damaged relationships. They are as follows: 

Adult Outpatient Services 

All of our patients are unique, and despite their shared struggles, an individualized plan must be developed for each. We begin with an assessment to ascertain a patient’s needs and the level of care needed — a foundation on which we can move forward with treatment. From there, our patients work directly with their counselors to determine what goals and problems to focus on. Our experienced staff may employ a number of treatment services, including driving under the influence (DUI) treatment programs, relapse prevention, alcohol education, and individual and group therapy. 

Teen Outpatient Services 

For our adolescent patients, in particular, treatment at the Derek Jeter Center focuses on bringing families together and building a support network that can be relied on in times of need. This is essential for ensuring that teens can regain and maintain control of their lives once they exit treatment. At Phoenix House Florida, family members are included in all aspects of a teen’s care, including counseling and therapy, educational seminars, and educational workshops. 

Mental Health Services 

Because alcohol addiction is often accompanied by mental health issues, our evidence-based practices focus on improving both our patient’s physical and mental wellbeing. We are prepared to provide psychiatric consultation, evaluation, and medication to help our patients confront the root cause of their alcoholism. As with drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues should not be a hidden source of shame; they are conditions that require medical treatment. 

Leaving Alcohol Abuse Behind 

As recovery progresses, the above services will begin to taper off, giving patients more and more responsibility for managing their condition. By then, they will have been given the tools needed to maintain sobriety and resist the temptations found in everyday life. Rest assured, we continue to monitor their recovery well after they’ve left our care, and patients are never left without support to turn to. 

At the Phoenix House Florida’s Brandon Outpatient Center, an alcohol abuse treatment center in Tampa, our ultimate goal is to provide adults, teens, and their families with a long-term solution to alcohol abuse and the damage it causes. Scheduling is flexible with day and evening hours as well as after-school sessions available for teens. If you or a family member could benefit from being admitted to our program, contact us for more information about our outpatient services. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, speak with a treatment specialist about alcohol abuse treatment in Tampa. To schedule a consultation with Phoenix House Florida, please contact us today.

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