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3 Tips to Help Your Loved One Create a Sober Living Environment

When on their recovery journey, your loved one can be influenced by their environment. A positive, supportive environment can help encourage them to continue working towards a happier and healthier future in recovery.

As your trusted substance abuse treatment center in Tampa, we at Phoenix House Florida highly recommend you take the time to empower your loved one by helping them create a sober living environment.

Removing Potential Triggers

One of the first steps in creating a supportive environment for your loved one is identifying and eliminating potential triggers. Triggers can be a challenge to loved ones and have the potential to negatively influence or interfere with their recovery process.

At Phoenix House Florida, we recommend communicating and working with your loved one to identify items, situations, or people that may be triggering for them and find alternatives or strategies to minimize their impact. This could involve distancing from certain social circles, avoiding specific locations, or even making changes within the home to better support their needs.

Establishing a Routine

Having a structured daily routine can be a powerful tool in helping your loved one maintain their sobriety. A routine can include a schedule of regular meal times, exercise, volunteering, and activities that they love to do. If it is beneficial for their needs in recovery, you can also encourage accountability and participation in support groups or therapy sessions at Phoenix House Florida, their substance abuse treatment center in Tampa, into their routine.

A well-structured and organized routine can help your loved one feel stable, reduce their anxiety, and even provide a sense of purpose. Work together to create a schedule that aligns with their goals, healthy interests, and aspirations.

Encourage Healthy Habits

A great tool to support a loved one on their recovery journey is by supporting their physical health through healthy habits. Encourage your loved one to adopt healthy habits such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep. 

Not only do these habits help your loved one feel their best but they contribute to mental healing and well-being, which can further support them as they work through their substance abuse recovery in Tampa.

Your Loved One Can Find Professional Support With Phoenix House Florida

With your support, your loved one will likely feel significantly more encouraged and empowered on their journey to recovery.

Your loved one can receive treatment for their substance abuse recovery in Tampa with Phoenix House Florida. For more information about our treatment options, please give us a call at (813) 957-9639 or request an appointment today.

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