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3 Signs Your Teen May Be Using Substances

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a survey conducted in April revealed that more than 40% of 18 year olds reported experiencing at least two symptoms of substance use disorders. At this alarming rate, it is time to stop making assumptions your child could never be impacted by drug use. 

As a parent, you do everything in your power to protect your child. But unfortunately, many things are still outside of your control, including peer pressure and external stressors; both of which are cited as top reasons why adolescents and teens begin using substances to cope. For this reason, paying attention and truly listening to your child can be the difference between catching the start of a dependency early and getting the help your child needs, or becoming part of a statistic. 

As a treatment center in Tampa, FL that offers substance use treatment to adolescents, teens, and young adults, Phoenix House Florida has put together a list of signs to watch for in your teen, to help you identify if they are struggling with substance use. If you notice these signs, it may be time to seek out options to help with substance abuse recovery in Tampa for your teen.


1) Mood Swings 

You expect your teen to experience mood swings as hormones change and they are learning to cope with the world around them. However, mood swings that seem more severe, are happening more frequently, and are coupled with any other items on this list may indicate something further. Drugs and alcohol are mood-altering substances, meaning if your child is using them, they will experience significant mood and behavior changes.

Mood swings caused by substances may mimic symptoms of mental health disorders. Regardless of the cause of the mood swings, it is worth having a conversation with your teen to make sure they get the help they need. 


2) Physical Changes 

Substances can often alter how someone appears, through sudden weight loss or gain, watery eyes, or full body shakes. While these may be easier to notice, getting to the point where these symptoms are present may indicate a more significant substance use problem overall. 

Less noticeable changes may include pupils larger or smaller than usual, wearing long sleeves or pants even in warm weather to hide marks on the body indicative of drug use, or a frequent runny nose or nose bleeds. 

Observing when your child’s physical appearance changes can be an incredibly impactful first line of defense for catching substance use.


3) Loss of Interest in Favorite Activities

It may be normal for a developing teen to change their mind on where their interests lie; however, a complete loss of interest in previous favorite activities and lack of interest in exploring new ones may be an indication of a substance use problem. 

Determining if it is typical teen behavior as they are finding their own or a more significant problem indicating a general disinterest in the day-to-day routine will be imperative in getting the help your child may need. 

It is never too early to intervene, and having open and honest lines of communication will only be able to help you understand what your child is going through and get them the help they need. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact Phoenix House Florida, a substance abuse treatment center in Tampa, FL.To schedule a consultation with Phoenix House Florida, please request an appointment today. You can also give us a call at (813) 957-9639, option #1 or email our admissions team at


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